Kranverleih Saller has taken delivery of a 70 ton Tadano ATF 70G-4 All Terrain crane

German crane rental company Kranverleih Saller has taken delivery of a 70 tonne Tadano ATF 70G-4 All Terrain crane. The four-axle ATF 70G-4 has a 52.1 meter main boom and a 16 meter bi-fold swing away extension, providing a tip height of more than 70 meters and a maximum radius of 44 meters.

Saller, Tadano
Johann Saller (second from right) takes delivery of the new Tadano crane

Managing director Johann Saller said: “When working in the chemical industry, the main boom length is crucial to be able to lift loads, even in difficult to reach places. With the ATF 70, we now have a fast and easy-to-use taxi crane with a good, stable chassis. Everything is kept simple and no piece of electronics is too much for the crane.”

Established in 1966 as a recovery and towing business, Kranverleih Saller is headquartered in Winhöring, southern Germany, and has two branches based in the ‘South Bavarian Chemical Triangle’ – due to the considerable number of chemical companies based in the region. Saller employs 42 and runs 20 cranes, mostly working in the chemical industry – of course.