Román Elevation Machinery SL uses Bronto Skylift to clean 95 meter balcony atop a chimney in Spain

Gruas Roman Maquinaria de Elevacion‘s client needed to clean a balcony located at the top of a chimney at 95 meters.

It was very complex work and they implemented solutions to overcome the various difficulties that needed to be solved.

Roman Elevation Machinery SL

First, workers had to be lifted 95 meters high to clean the balcony and needed a means of lifting that met all the legal requirements, limited by space, they had to take into account that they needed to access to the entire contour of the fireplace.

These difficulties were overcome with a Bronto Skylift 101 meter truck-mounted articulating boom aerial platform. This aerial platform lift met all the security requirements established by Royal Decree RD1644 / 2008 of the Ministry of Industry. It regulates the conditions that lifting products in the European Union must meet.

The Bronto Skylift 101 aerial platform, in addition to meeting all safety regulations, has 4 different evacuation systems in case of machine failure that allows the operator to lower workers to the ground.

In order to perform this maneuver, a specific risk assessment had to be carried out for this work, an elevation study and a 3D simulation of the entire maneuver process was implemented.

The job was safely completed and with proper planning, the lift was completed on time and on budget.


Gruas-Roman-Bronto SkyLift-Spain

Gruas-Roman-Bronto SkyLift