Komatsu Demining machine Completes Disposal of Landmines in Angola

In May 2017, Komatsu finished the disposal of landmines in the Republic of Angola in collaboration with Japan Mine Action Service  a certified specific non-profit organization of Japan.

As a result of civil wars over the years there are many minefields with a large quantity and a wide variety landmines throughout Angola  In 2008 JMAS began landmine disposal and community redevelopment efforts in Mabubas, Bengo Province in the north west of the country.

Komatsu provided demining equipment for anti-personal landmines and construction equipment at no cost to JMAS, which removed landmines in a total area of 213 ha, built roads for a total distance of about 20 km, dug holes for trash and generated other improvements over 8 years.


A ceremony was held to mark the completion of demining efforts in the region

In tandem with the completion of landmine disposal efforts in this region, the commemorative ceremony was held on March 22, 2017 with the attendance of the Hon. Japanese Ambassador to Angola, the Hon. Vice Governor of Bengo, President of JMAS and representatives of related companies, including Komatsu. A monument was also erected at the entrance to the region in May.

Komatsu’s demining machine will be rented to Angola’s National Demining Institute (INAD), a landmine disposal organization of Angola, at no cost, making contributions to removing landmines in landmine-contaminated areas of over 500 km2 in Angola.

In Cambodia and Laos, Komatsu is also promoting local projects to remove landmines and unexploded bombs and to redevelop communities.

Komatsu started to develop humanitarian anti-personnel demining equipment in 2003 with the aid of the Japanese Government.

The standard middle-size Komatsu Bulldozer D85EX-15 on tracks is used as the prime mover of the tiller system, and is partnered with the Komatsu’s CS210 soil digging stabilising system. The CS210 and engine, transmission and controllers are all Komatsu-designed technology.

The machine is suitable for operating in all kinds of terrain.

The track system is equipped with an oscillation system to enable more ground contact on hard slopes or uneven terrain.

The machine can be driven by an operator or remotely controlled.

With the specially developed filter and cooling system – the Komatsu company has been in business for more than 85 years – the machine can operate in a broad range of climatic conditions.

The operator cabin, engine and tanks for fuel and hydraulic oil are all protected by bullet proofed material.

For longer journeys between worksites a flatbed trailer is required. It can be made lighter for transportation by separating the front attachment and rear counterweight. The overall weight of the system is 35,000kg: separating the attachments reduces the weight to 27,400kg or 22,300kg.

Machines in use to date

The first machine is in service with by Mine Dog and Detection Center(MDC) in Afghanistan.

The second machine belongs to Cambodian Mine Action Center(CMAC) in Cambodia.

The third machine has been operated as a joint project by Japan Mine Action Service(JMAS) and CMAC. in Cambodia.

The fourth machine has been used as a joint project by Japan Mine Action Service(JMAS) and National Institute for Demining (INAD) in Angola.