ALE adds efficiency to global trailer fleet with latest (Self Propelled Trailers) SPT’s from Goldhofer

ALE has invested in their global fleet of transport equipment with the latest self-propelled trailers (SPTs) from Goldhofer.

ALE has purchased 2 x 6 axle units of ADDrive SPT, complete with power packs, which will be utilised in Kazakhstan to service the Caspian region primarily.

The new ADDrive trailers from Goldhofer combine the ability of three elements: towed trailers with self-propelled units in a single vehicle and ADDrives to provide additional tractive effort at high speed. This gives ALE the flexibility to deal with a wide range of transportation requirements.

The ADDrives offer a versatile and adaptable solution for ALE that can be installed in trailer or semi-trailer combinations. As a hydro-mechanical drive system, these trailers have a high drive capacity and can be used on their own as conventional trailers or as a SPT to provide additional power without a truck – as the ADDrive replaces the need for an additional truck. By removing a tractor unit, the gross weight of the convoy is reduced, making it ideal for

“We decided to go for the ADDrive system because of the combination of cutting-edge technology and high-grade materials for the components. Their unique ability to tow a SPT at high speed will be extremely beneficial to our work in the Caspian region and potentially other ALE regional branches,” explained Ronald Hoefmans – Group Technical Director.