Pictures of a Pick N Carry Crane retrieving a pick up that rolled into a canal south of Perth, AU

A pick up truck slid down a slope into a canal in Mandurah, South of Perth in Western Australia. A Pick N Carry crane attended the scene to recover the vehicle.

It’s not often crane companies have to don scuba gear, but the guys at Performance Towing have had to pull several cars from the water in the past year.

“I think we’ve done about four now,” tow truck assistant Aaron Bishop said.

“You hear about all the ones in the Swan River the last few months? We’ve done them… Jamie down there is an experienced scuba diver so we’re set.”


Pick-N-Carry-CranePick-N-Carry-Crane-2 Pick-N-Carry-Crane-3    Pick-N-Carry-Crane-1