Ideal Crane Rental tandem lifts Historic Inn Roof with Grove Truck Cranes in Wisconsin

(Photo: Josh Clark/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

Ideal Crane Rental was contracted to assist in disassembling the Meeme House Inn in Newton, WI.

The historic landmark was taken apart in three sections. Two Grove model Mobile Truck cranes were brought in to take off the roof, put it on wheels, set it aside, and then take apart the upper floors of the inn.

The job was a success and the Inn will be moved to Manitowoc County Historical Society’s Pinecrest Village, where it will be restored and serve as a living museum.

The roof is successfully removed from the Meeme House Inn Tuesday, Feb. 21, in Newton. The inn will be moved to the Pinecrest Historical Village in three sections. (Photo: Josh Clark/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

Organizers plan to restore the inn to its 1915 stature, when it was owned by Joe Schwartz.

The Meeme House was built about 60 years earlier, in 1855, along the Green Bay Road, by a farmer and new immigrant Michael Herr. As immigrants moved to Manitowoc County, roads were well traveled and stagecoach stops were built along them.

The building had several small overnight rooms, a tavern on the first floor and a large ballroom on the second. Voting also took place inside until a new poll house was built, and town meetings were held in the ballroom until the construction of a new town hall in 1983. William Herr took over the inn in 1864.

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