ALE Heavy Lift develops new transport saddle solution eliminating the need for a crane

ALE has used its new transport saddle design for the first time to transport seven silo tanks in the Czech Republic.


ALE Heavy Lift was tasked with the transporting seven silo tanks within the plant site in Litvinov, Czech Republic. As the height within the plant was limited to 6.2m high and had limited space with low bridges, ALE needed to develop a solution which minimized the transport height and avoided assembling the silos in the installation location to save valuable space on site and costs for the clients.

ALE’s in-house engineering team based in Breda, the Netherlands, researched an alternative transport solution. The team specifically designed a set of bespoke transportation forks, with 20t capacity, a new innovation called the 20t transport saddle. The new saddles, also known as forks, could be used as an operator stand when the SPMTs are not loaded. These forks were mounted on front of the SPMTs. By using these forks there was no crane handling needed.


Each silo tank weighed 23t and measured 35m long, 6m wide. The tanks were built 50mm above the ground surface on timber saddles. The saddles were designed specifically for and used for the first time to load the first batch of silo tanks onto the trailers instead of using a crane.

“What made this job so unique was the equipment used for the loading and unloading manoeuvre. By using the SPMTs in the way and eliminating the need for a crane demonstrates, how we use innovative methodology that will also increase safety, productivity and save space onsite,” said Ties van Sluisveld, Project Engineer.

After their inaugural application, they will also be used to deliver the remaining 40 silos in June 2017.