Whiting Corp refurbishes 200t bridge crane at Tulsa port

Whiting Corp a trusted name in the overhead crane industry for over 100 years has transplanted advanced material handling technology into a 200t crane at the Tulsa port of Catoosa.

The port is served by a sophisticated multi-hoist 200t bridge crane, which had to be totally stripped and renovated. The renewal of the crane was critical because port authorities the completed expansion of the Panama Canal will provide new opportunities for container cargo to be delivered to the Port of New Orleans and onwards into the country’s inland waterway systems, of which the Tulsa Port of Catoosa is a major part.

Working closely with port staff, Whiting Services put in 46 consecutive 10-12 hour days, including weekends and Thanksgiving, to complete the modernisation project safely and on-time.

The project involved the removal of existing trolleys and old runway rails. There was also the lifting and removal of the drive and idle girders – weighting over 114,000lbs each – which were taken by multi-wheel transporter to the project laydown years for stripping and replacement.

According to Hoist Magazine, major component upgrades included: new built-up 100/50 and 100/40 Ton 17’ gauge outdoor trolleys; new bridge wheel assemblies with eight new 30”-diameter 90º MCB wheel assemblies to fit existing end trucks; bridge drives, supports and jack shafts; an automated rail clamping system that secures the overhead crane bridge during storm-force winds; new runway and bridge rails; ergonomic climate-controlled driver’s cab with console chair system; and flux vector/variable frequency drive controls capable of individual and simultaneous motions between trolley hoists.

With lifting heights of over 90 feet, the crane is integral to tasks such as loading barges that can hold as many as 15 rail cars or 60 truckloads of cargo for maximum cost efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Sotiris Kanaris