Success in 2016 as Mammoet takes over after 2015 massive Juliana Bridge crane collapse

Mammoet successfully took over and completed the Juliana Bridge in Alphen on den Rijn in the Netherlands.  A deck was successfully placed on the bridge on Wednesday morning, reports.

Last year’s attempt to place the bridge deck turned into a disaster when the two cranes operated by Peinemann Lifting Solutions attempting the task collapsed onto surrounding buildings. Resulting in minor injuries and enormous amounts of damage. To Peinemann’s credit, the general director Ad Kornet released a video and apologized for the accident.  WATCH HERE

Last time the the deck was maneuvered from the water, with the two cranes standing on pontoons, according to NU. This time, the Mammoet All Terrain cranes were carefully stationed on the opposite sides of the bridge, on the ground, and the deck was hoisted onto the bridge from a pontoon.

Preparation for the placement started around 7:00 a.m. The actual placement began around 9:00 a.m. and took about an hour and a half. For the rest of the day, the construction workers will adjust the deck so it fits precisely.

The final assembly of the bridge will be done later this week. It is expected that the Juliana Bridge will open for traffic on June 20th.